Why Facebook Ads?

Attract more customers.

Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Facebook Ads can help.

Reach the right people at the right time.

Your business gets found by people on Facebook precisely when they’re searching for the things that you offer.

Advertise locally or globally.

We target your ads to customers in certain countries, regions or cities — or within a set distance from your business or shop.

We render two major servives
πŸ‘‰ creating of back office: This is where you show case your products or service to the general public
 i.e those who need your service.
Your page or back office will have the following section for your campaign or advert

We can carryout the advert for you from our official page for thereby your servives and products get to the right set.
Example of how your advert will look like

Get your business out of the box

Details result of your advert

we can create your page on facebook with nice contents and also teache you how you can carry out your advert by yourself at any time and reach a large number of people who are intetested in your goods and  services.

We can also carry out the advert for you on our official page and still achieve the same result.
With this method of facebook advert, you will have a large number of people contacting you almost on per minute basis for your goods and services.

πŸ‘‰ Page creation with complete contents of your goods or servives - N 6000
With this, it becomes yours and you can set up yiur advert at anytime of your choice.
Your advert can reach the whole states in your country, state or region or even in another country depending on your choice  and the nature of your goods or services.
We can also carry out the advert for you without you owning the page and still acheive the same result.

A, 3000 - 5000 visitors = 2,300
B, 5000 - 9000 visitor = 3,850
C, 9000 - 15000 visitors = 4,300
D, 15000 - 25000 visitors = 5000
E, 25000 -50,000 visitors  = 7000
F, 50,000 - 100,000 visitors = 12,500
G, 100,0000 - 150,000 visitors = 19,850
H, 150,000 - 250,000 visitors = 25000
I, 250,000 - 400,000 visitors = 39,5000
J, 400,000 - 600,000 visitors = 76,000
K, 600,000 - 1000,000,000 visitors = 150,000
L, 1000,000,000 - 1,500,000 visitors = 260,000
M,1,500,000 - 2000,000,000 visitors = 3,76000

Bellow are few of what you can advertise on facebook.

Event center for occation
Church program
Building materials
Automobile (bikes, cars and trucks)
Barbing sallone
Make up artists

Bank details
First bank
Name - Godwin Adache
Account number - 3078871958

Name Godwin Adache
Account number - 2102524479

Name verginia Global enterprise
Account number - 4710910012

For advertisement
After payment, send the followimg information through this Email
πŸ‘‰ businessofthe24century@gmail.com

1, Your complete name
2, Country
3, State
4, Amount paid
5, The bank you paid into
6, Parckage paid for
7, Name of your services or company
8,  Website (optional)
9, Personal or business email (optional)
10, Phone number (composary)
11, Location of business area
12, A brief describtion of your servives

Send the following information if you are to pay for page creation
1, Your full name
2, Amount paid
3, Bank paid into
4, Your location
5,  Name of your company or business
6, Company website (optional)
7, Company or personal email
8, Company or business adress
9, Date of establishment
10, Short describtion of your company, business or services
11, Your facebook login details (username and pasward).
After your page is created, you can change your pasward if you want.
      Your privacy is our concern but we need all these details in order to create your back office or facebook page in your facebook profile.

Once your payment is done and we receive the above information, your work starts
 Creation of page takes 24 hours
Advert takes 10 hours to start (the performance result of your advert will be sent to your email on a daily basis for your preview)

Thanks a lort

We are Agless Biz
 Contact 08107116032 call/ whatsapp
Email: businessofthe24century@gmail.com



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