6k A Month With Youtube + CPA Without Uploading Video

While most Youtube marketers out there are wasting lots of
time and money uploading videos, in this guide, we will be taking a lesser-known
shortcut, focusing more on comments.
Think about it. It takes minutes to hours to upload a video, while it takes only a few
seconds to post a comment. Also, the average Youtube user is more than likely to
scroll down the comments section before, while, or after watching the video.
And the best part? You don't even have to post the comments yourself! How so?
Read on.
The main idea of this method is having a landing page which separates traffic from
high-paying countries (US, UK, France, Italy, etc) from the rest. Visitors from highpaying
countries will be given a CPA offer to complete, while everyone else will be
post Youtube comments on relevant videos promoting back the landing page.
This creates an efficient, automatic money-making system that focuses on countries
with high paying offers and uses other countries to get free autopilot traffic.
The diagram below should give a better picture of the whole method.
Click for access: 6k A Month With Youtube + CPA Without Uploading Video


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