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In the game of networking, there will be times when you have to make cold calls, cold emails, etc. You will have to reach out to individuals whom you do not know, in order to make connections and do business. In the process of making these connections, make sure that you are being professional and creating a stellar impression. This can influence your personal brand, credibility and the expectations of the relationship. Listed below are simple tips for exhibiting etiquette and poise in your networking endeavors. Haste Makes Waste Although, it is important not to procrastinate, the same can be said for being too much in a hurry. Take time to set up quality meetings or appointments. Re-read, review and edit all correspondences and communications for errors. Make sure that your message is clear, concise and meaningful. These types of actions enable trust, understanding and respect for future business opportunities. Good Intentions In the process of reaching out, it is essential to be re…


As the first of nine children, it's fair to say that having a sister within a year of me has provided 37 years of ongoing insight and experience into interacting with women. In addition, my 20 plus years as an adult in the workforce have consistently revealed a self-perpetuating patriarchal mindset that asserts men are superior to women, denying them respect and justifying unfairness towards them. That's something my sister has never submitted to, her inherent self-esteem and confidence dismissed that kind of indoctrination. Thankfully, confident women like her have challenged this bias with their efforts and presence, reminding all of us of the need for justice and personal development to successfully achieve our collective potential. Sadly, not all men have been able to cultivate such support for equality, instead actively participating in the sabotage of their own grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and daughters. In this article I will share three areas of insig…

Patner With Telecom Industry In Nigeria (VTU) Business

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Nice meeting you here ..... and a warm wealthcome to you 
I am Gift Godwin by name, a Nigerian from from Benue state.
        At this moment, I shall be giving you an information you may not come across again concerning how to live a life of financial freedom.
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Irrespective of the categories you fall into, if you are convinced you lack the might, the will - power or the ability to set your fellow countrymen and women free from financial depression or you cannot raise people to an enviable standard of living then this message is for no other person but YOU.
          Remember, to make others wealthy you must be wealthy yourself

Feel free to ask your questions after you have gone th…

6 Easy Ways To Improve The Credibility Of Your Website

Website credibility is a key factor that no start up business owner can realistically afford to ignore as it affects sales and customer engagement. Without a reliable, credible website your ability to: Maximize your sales.Effectively interact with your customers.Communicate your value to prospective customers, becomes difficult and limited.
Think about your own experiences shopping online. What are some of the key reasons you have abandoned an online shopping cart? The website payment gateway wasn't secure.Postage or shipping charges where not disclosed till near the end of the transaction and were too expensive.No physical address that you could easily find on the website.Customer service phone numbers and email addresses where difficult to find.The website 'returns policy' was non existent or difficult to find.The above are just a few reasons why web visitors might abandon a shopping cart. If a prospective customer doesn't think that they are dealing with a profession…

8 Steps To Starting That New Career

Fed Up, Bored, Or Stuck In A Rut? Are you fed up, or bored with your current job or career? Do you hate having to get up each morning to go to a job or career that you really don't like? You know there must be something better out there but can't seem to take the action necessary to make any changes. Instead, it's easy to keep the same old boring routine and just get used to it, as the months and years roll on by. Did you know that we only have so much time in our working careers and shouldn't waste them being miserable each day with our job or career? Isn't life far too short to be unfulfilled year after year? Hopefully, you're not stuck in a rut and can't get out of it. If so, there is definitely hope for you as you learn and follow a few steps. For any changes to take place it's essential to take action every day in every way that you can. One thing that holds many back is that they don't want to be out of their comfort zones but probably need to…

The Internet Lifestyle For College Students

The reality that most college students are facing when they graduate from school are either. 1. They will not be able to find a job. 2. If they do find a job, it won't be the one that they want to work at. Which is why starting an internet business in their dorm room and working on it around their schedule is the best option for them. Many go out and do part-time work, but that is really a waste of time. Students would better off using that same amount of time to working on an internet business that will start bringing them in passive income. There are 2 types of income that you can earn. Active income- the amount you are paid for by the hour for being there. Passive Income- money coming to you, whether or not you working or not!! See the difference? Your main goal in your career is to set up a business that allows you to earn MASSIVE passive income daily!! This what the schools aren't teaching their students and it is a huge problem in our society. Okay, now that you understand …

Book Review: The Book Of Business Etiquette by Nella Braddy Henney

When I downloaded the e-book The Book of Business Etiquette by Nella Braddy Henney I was fully anticipating reading a not-so-enthusiastic rendition of how to act while in business meetings, how to handle difficult clients/customers, how to put together a proper meeting for clients, etc. Because, after all, books like this are not usually enthusiastic or enthralling in the least, right? Well, I didn't happen to look at the year this book was written before jumping right in. It was written in 1922, any way.
At first I was taken aback a bit as it described what I consider the 'former days' where meetings were made by writing letters - not emails, regular, old fashioned, pen-to-paper letters that were actually mailed using the postal service, where salesmen got around on foot and by train, where there were switchboards people called into to contact a person or business, etc. Yes, I've heard about these times, but I really thought the author was referring to these days as …

The Importance of Backlinks

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An efficient optimization plan must include three main components: onsite SEO, social media and backlinks. This article will give attention to backlinks and how they can be used to propel your website up the search engine rankings and broaden your exposure.

What is a backlink?
A back-link one of the links from an exterior source which points straight to your website or webpage. To help describe this further I actually could put in a link to Fiverr from this article. If you were to click this link it would be easiest directed to Fiverr and far from my website. In doing this I've provided Fiverr with a back-link.
 Similarly, if Fiverr was to add a website link to my website on one of their websites they would be providing me with a back link. Backlinks can come from a variety of resources and i will explore some of the most widely used techniques later in this article.

What makes back links important?
Backlinks provide two mai…