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Nice meeting you here ..... and a warm wealthcome to you 
This session is slated to last for just 10 minutes.
Interestingly, the necessity behind this presentation is to furnish you with all the necessary information about our amazing organization and the corresponding benefits of becoming a member.
I need you to pay full attention to this presentation as every single details, mssg or info dropped here is very vital.
The name of this business is Recharge & Get Paid (RAGP)
*Recharge & Get Paid*  (RAGP) is actually a platform that gives you access to recharge your phone directly through *Virtual Top Up (VTU) whether MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE or AIRTEL.*
*Not only that, you can also buy data directly as well as your cable subscriptions such as DSTV,GOTV and STARTIME* and get paid for doing so.
Why Facebook Ads?

Attract more customers.

Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Facebook Ads can help.

Reach the right people at the right time.

Your business gets found by people on Facebook precisely when they’re searching for the things that you offer.

Advertise locally or globally.

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We render two major servives
πŸ‘‰ creating of back office: This is where you show case your products or service to the general public
 i.e those who need your service.
Your page or back office will have the following section for your campaign or advert

We can carryout the advert for you from our official page for thereby your servives and products get to the right set.
Example of how your advert will look like

πŸ‘‡ G…

6k A Month With Youtube + CPA Without Uploading Video

While most Youtube marketers out there are wasting lots of
time and money uploading videos, in this guide, we will be taking a lesser-known
shortcut, focusing more on comments.
Think about it. It takes minutes to hours to upload a video, while it takes only a few
seconds to post a comment. Also, the average Youtube user is more than likely to
scroll down the comments section before, while, or after watching the video.
And the best part? You don't even have to post the comments yourself! How so?
Read on.
The main idea of this method is having a landing page which separates traffic from
high-paying countries (US, UK, France, Italy, etc) from the rest. Visitors from highpaying
countries will be given a CPA offer to complete, while everyone else will be
post Youtube comments on relevant videos promoting back the landing page.
This creates an efficient, automatic money-making system that focuses on countries
with high paying offers and uses other countries to get free autopilot traffi…


In the game of networking, there will be times when you have to make cold calls, cold emails, etc. You will have to reach out to individuals whom you do not know, in order to make connections and do business. In the process of making these connections, make sure that you are being professional and creating a stellar impression. This can influence your personal brand, credibility and the expectations of the relationship. Listed below are simple tips for exhibiting etiquette and poise in your networking endeavors. Haste Makes Waste Although, it is important not to procrastinate, the same can be said for being too much in a hurry. Take time to set up quality meetings or appointments. Re-read, review and edit all correspondences and communications for errors. Make sure that your message is clear, concise and meaningful. These types of actions enable trust, understanding and respect for future business opportunities. Good Intentions In the process of reaching out, it is essential to be re…


As the first of nine children, it's fair to say that having a sister within a year of me has provided 37 years of ongoing insight and experience into interacting with women. In addition, my 20 plus years as an adult in the workforce have consistently revealed a self-perpetuating patriarchal mindset that asserts men are superior to women, denying them respect and justifying unfairness towards them. That's something my sister has never submitted to, her inherent self-esteem and confidence dismissed that kind of indoctrination. Thankfully, confident women like her have challenged this bias with their efforts and presence, reminding all of us of the need for justice and personal development to successfully achieve our collective potential. Sadly, not all men have been able to cultivate such support for equality, instead actively participating in the sabotage of their own grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and daughters. In this article I will share three areas of insig…

Patner With Telecom Industry In Nigeria (VTU) Business

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Nice meeting you here ..... and a warm wealthcome to you 
I am Gift Godwin by name, a Nigerian from from Benue state.
        At this moment, I shall be giving you an information you may not come across again concerning how to live a life of financial freedom.
If you are busy right now, suspend going through it and create a good time for this information.

Out of these categories, RICH AND POOR  certainly you belong to one or in-between which is AVERAGE

Irrespective of the categories you fall into, if you are convinced you lack the might, the will - power or the ability to set your fellow countrymen and women free from financial depression or you cannot raise people to an enviable standard of living then this message is for no other person but YOU.
          Remember, to make others wealthy you must be wealthy yourself

Feel free to ask your questions after you have gone th…